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Music from around the World

Music from around the world

Music has a language that could be understood by anyone all across the globe even when it varies from place to place. With different cultures, people also have different melodies and rhythms that reflect their life. So, take a look at the music around the world.

Tswana music

African countries have their own music but Botswana stands out from the crowd with its uniqueness. Special folk music of this place is known as Tswana music. This is primarily vocal and the most unique part of this music is that it is performed without drums. In this music, extensive use of string instruments is done principally the guitar. Instead of drums, the clapping rhythm is used which makes it unusual for an African tribe.

Yoruba drumming

In the African music scene, Benin has also played a crucial role, particularly it is Yoruba drumming. Although the music of Yoruba drumming is popular in Nigeria and Togo yet Benin has its own way of using hourglass shaped tension drums. The music dun dun is played by an ensemble which is also known as dundun. The standard pattern of this type of drumming is the seven-stroke figure which is also known as ethnomusicology and is expressed in triple-pulse (12/8 or 6/8) as well as duple-pulse (4/4 or 2/2) structure.

French Opera

When it comes to the music of the world then the French Opera couldn’t be missed out. Interestingly, this French tradition was founded by the Italian Jean-Baptiste Lully under King Louis XIV. After establishing an Academy of Music in 1672, Lully basically monopolized French opera. tragédie en musique was created by Lully and his librettist Quinault. In this form dance music and choral writing were given prominence. Matching the contours of the French language Lully’s operas are more expressive recitative but are not musical theatre.  

Celtic Fusion

Celtic music is a piece of music that incorporates modern music and Celtic fusion is an amalgamation of traditional music of all Celtic nations that includes countries speaking the Celtic language and is mainly belonging to Western Europe with the modern music. Celtic rock, Celtic, pop, Celtic reggae, etc., are very popular all around the world.

Indian Raga

Unlike classical European music tradition, the Indian raga is very different and is an improvisation of Indian Classical music.  A raga or raag literally means “coloring” and is basically about the tradition of Indian music to “color the mind”. It consists of at least five notes, which can range from small rāgas, such as Bahar and Shahana to big ones, such as Malkauns, Darbari and Yaman.


If you are someone who is interested in music then you can find innumerable options of music around the world. You just need to turn the pages and you will find the world full of different types of music that include use of a variety of musical instruments.